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July 26, 2008
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Saiyuki Reload by pikminlink Saiyuki Reload by pikminlink
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*full view please*

((FINALLY D: ive been trying to upload this picture for like 6 times in an hour and each time i either got a maintenance image or the thumbnail and the actual image never showed up .. but yay finally got it up))

I wore Sanzo to cherry blossom festival and my Bff, Sai, was awesome enough to join me as Goku. He remade his old version of Goku for the festival and it turned out awesome! He's such a perfect Goku >3. I also like how we were able to get the characters height differences really close too ^^
(we are very simular in height, but I had to be taller for Sanzo lol)

I made a spiffy CG from one of the pictures i found online of us before the actual parade took place in by the SF civic center (I cut out all the people and buildings). I dont know who the photographer is @_@;; ill have to look to see where i got it from. But i really liked that pic.

Also, I DONT smoke. I bought the fake cigarette XD

Genjo Sanzo - :iconpikminlink: myself
Son Goku - :iconryuchama: Sai

We made our own costumes.
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'/////' make an awesome Sanzo...
your costumes and looks are amazing
Nina-Rose-Mangaka Nov 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
some more proof that your costumes are amazing...

i lookd at this, and didnt really pay attention to the name. but i was like, huh that outfit looks familiar.
i then realized that had borrowed a copy of Saiyuki from the library and hadnt even touched it. yet this costume was so similar i recognzed it...

XD now i shall read it :P lulz
Wow, dude my friend just nearly had an orgasm, great job! :D
I watched a few episodes of Saiyuki last year and loved it (Son Goku is hilarious and I had the fortune of meeting Greg Ayres at a con last year, as well)! Very awesome job and I don't smoke, either XD;
awildchelseaappeared Feb 24, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Sanzo! my anime love! :love:
nikkaroo Dec 29, 2010  Professional General Artist
this is AWESOME!!!
xtwisted-illusionsx Dec 27, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
whoa! you guys pulled this off- AMAZINGLY! *.*
Marvelous shot! I LOVE the costumes!
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